Allen has been working in the small business world since he was an 18-year-old managing the books for a small landscaping company in his hometown Silver Spring, MD.

Since then, his small business journey involved running the retail business for a snack food startup, consulting in industries ranging from study abroad to property maintenance, and operating his own boutique short-term rental portfolio in the White Mountains.

Like the other consultants at Appletree, Allen is an absolute business nerd who loves nothing more than diving into the nitty-gritty of business challenges & opportunities - whether those be refining a sales process, analyzing the profitability of a potential new business line, or scoping a job description for a new hire.

He lives in Plymouth, NH and his happy time is on a Sunday morning after a long run, omelet, & a cup of coffee.

Owner, Business Consultant

Patrick has been helping small businesses grow for +10 years. After a few years in small business advising, he kept seeing the need for better bookkeeping and cashflow management. Ultimately he loved the team and systems at Appletree that deliver a superb client experience.

Patrick earned his BSBA in International Business and Finance, then went on to complete his MBA at University of Denver. He spent years at a small business marketing startup, then a small business advisory firm.

He is a self proclaimed business geek and obsessed with helping small businesses grow faster. He lives in Dover, New Hampshire with his wife Brie and 3 boys. Patrick enjoys fly fishing, skiing and podcasts.