Bookkeeping For Construction Companies in Massachusetts

For almost four decades, Appletree Business Services has provided crucial bookkeeping and tax services to the state’s small businesses, as well as steadfast planning and guidance that small companies need to grow. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities inherent to construction bookkeeping services in Massachusetts, and our team of tax professionals can provide specialized services to boost your bottom line, organize your financial records, and help you pick the right jobs for your firm.

We Provide the Following Construction Bookkeeping Services in Massachusetts


Bookkeeping for a construction company in Massachusetts requires intimate knowledge of the fluidity of how numbers can change from job to job. We’ll help you keep detailed records of all expenses and profits—even the unexpected ones like worker’s compensation, overtime, and equipment repair—so you can track how your business is performing in any given metric.


Our CPAs and accountants specialize in the Massachusetts tax code, meaning we’ll always be ready to save your construction firm money on your tax bill. Whether it’s paying an estimated quarterly tax or filing a year-end return, you can count on our team to maximize savings and handle the IRS, even when it comes to fighting audits.


Nothing can slow down a job faster than inaccurate or untimely payments, but the reality of running a construction business means that simply checking clock-in times isn’t enough. Appletree Payroll services will take the guesswork out of tracking employee hours as well as additional elements like overtime and bonuses.

Consulting & Strategy

Years of experience with construction bookkeeping in Massachusetts have shown us that no two jobs are the same—just like no two companies are the same. With Appletree, you’ll have access to specialized consulting and strategy sessions with a professional who knows the laws and markets so you can make informed decisions about what’s best for your firm. Whether it’s choosing the right insurance, hiring new employees, or branching out into new markets, Appletree can help.

Budgeting And Financial Modeling

Job costing is the all-important process of estimating which projects are worth your time so you’re never stuck in an unprofitable job. We can reference past job expenses, material costs, labor, and fees to tell you exactly what to expect from your next project so you can plan your growth accordingly.

Financial Analysis

The growth of your company depends on a detailed understanding of your cash flow. Our business experts can break down your expenses, handle client billing and invoicing, and tell you exactly where your money is going and how to make it work for you.

Meet Our Team of Bookkeeping Experts

Our award-winning team of accountants and CPAs has helped hundreds of small businesses around the country get the business insight and planning they needed to take the next step in realizing their financial goals. Our specialties intersect in Massachusetts tax law and the realities of the construction industry, meaning that we are uniquely positioned to help your company thrive. Contact us and book a consultation with your new business advisor today.

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